Faith Family Medical Center
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Faith Family Forward: Building Healthier Lives

Faith Family Medical Center (FFMC) was created in 2001 to serve Nashville’s hardworking neighbors who were uninsured and unable to find affordable medical care. The clinic opened its doors with a broad base of community support, including a stellar Board of Directors, a compassionate Medical Director, and a clinic facility leased from Saint Thomas Health for $1 per year. By 2010, FFMC had outgrown the clinic and rented additional space in the adjacent building for staff and patient programs. FFMC’s growth continued in 2015 as they expanded FFMC’s mission to also serve the working underinsured still faced with high deductibles and copays and unable to access primary care. Today, as the number of those seeking affordable healthcare in our community continues to grow, more clinic space is essential to meeting this need. As a result, the Board of Directors decided to embark on a Capital Campaign, Faith Family Forward, to find or build a larger and more permanent site for Faith Family Medical Center.

The Board committed the first large donation of $750,000 to this effort. Following this, FFMC secured several lead gifts. The first was from Saint Thomas Health, who offered to extend the $1 per year lease agreement on the clinic property for 50 more years. FFMC then received a $1 million donation from the HCA Foundation and another $1 million donation from the Frist Foundation. These gifts provided FFMC the opportunity to purchase the two properties next to the clinic so that a new facility could be built in the same location. Being in the Medical Center area is ideal, as patients come from approximately 40 counties in Middle Tennessee. This location also allows patients to take advantage of FFMC’s network of physician specialists, outpatient radiology, lab services, and public transportation services. The plan for the new building will increase the number of exam rooms, enlarge the pharmacy area, expand the wellness center, and add offices for behavioral health.

While healthcare and FFMC have seen many changes since our beginning 18 years ago, many Middle Tennesseans continue to need compassionate and affordable healthcare. A larger facility means that FFMC can open its doors wider for years to come, and the powerful blessing of healing will be shared with thousands more people who have nowhere else to turn. FFMC believes in the call to heal the sick and is thrilled to publicly announce its Capital Campaign, Faith Family Forward. FFMC has now raised $6.5 million in donations and in-kind gifts in addition to the 50-year lease from Saint Thomas Health, which is valued at $4 million. But FFMC needs your help to raise the rest. The goal is to raise another $1 million; Please join in this effort by prayerfully considering making a three-year pledge.

To make a gift, please click here. For more information please contact Laura Hobson, CEO, at lhobson@faithmedical.org or 615-649-3030 or Cathy Altenbern, Chief Development Officer, at caltenbern@faithmedical.org or 615-649-3032.