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It may take up to 8-12 weeks to notice results from this medication. Tretinoin gel 0 01 Tell your doctor if you are pregnant. Such allegations concerning the prescription acne medication Accutane (known generically as isotretinoin) triggered an evolution in the warning provided to patients about the drug. Accutane birth defects Your doctor knows how to monitor your progress and keep up with the cumulative dose in order for you to get the greatest benefit from Accutane therapy.



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Faith Family’s mission is to provide hope and healing to our hardworking neighbors in need with affordable, quality primary medical care. Visit the Patient Info page to get an overview of patient services, costs, qualifications for becoming a patient, our policies, and links to patient forms.


Stay Healthy

Faith Family Journey to Wellness is a wellness program designed to educate, guide, and encourage a healthy lifestyle and is available, for free, to Faith Family patients and their families.


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Patient fees cover only 10% of our annual budget: the balance comes from contributions from individuals like you. Other ways to support Faith Family's mission is through volunteerism and helping spread the word about Faith Family's services and needs.