Faith Family Medical Center

IMPORTANT UPDATES from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Parker Panovec, regarding COVID-19:

In order to keep our patients, staff, and neighbors safe, we have instituted measures at our clinic which are in direct alignment with recommendations from the CDC and TDH.

To meet the immediate need of our hardworking neighbors, we now offer telehealth services and have expanded our patient qualifications to provide care to unemployed persons.

We currently do not have the ability to test for COVID-19, but we can direct you over the phone to local resources for assistance.

Please read more at faithmedical.org/news/happenings

Offering Hope & Healing

Driven by faith, we provide hope and healing to our hardworking neighbors in need.



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Faith Family’s mission is to provide hope and healing to our hardworking neighbors in need. Visit the Patient Info page to get an overview of patient services, costs, qualifications for becoming a patient, our policies, and links to patient forms.


Stay Healthy

Faith Family Journey to Wellness is a wellness program designed to educate, guide, and encourage a healthy lifestyle and is available, for free, to Faith Family patients and their families.


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Patient fees cover only 10% of our annual budget: the balance comes from contributions from individuals like you. For every dollar raised, Faith Family multiplies its donors contributions by six times. Other ways to support Faith Family's mission is through volunteerism and helping spread the word about Faith Family's services and needs.