Faith Family Medical Center

Faithful Neighbors

As a Faithful Neighbor (monthly donor) you can make a difference every day in the lives of our patients.

Here’s how your recurring gift will help…

Our patients are not just medically vulnerable, but economically so as well.
According to a survey of our patients’ annual income:
53% earn less than $20,000
Only 15% earn more than $30,000
This patient population does not have the financial resources to afford quality healthcare elsewhere, and
we’re blessed to serve them with your support.

Each patient visit costs Faith Family around $150 more than what a patient can afford to pay with our sliding scale cost model. We deliver comprehensive care for an average cost to patients of only $31.
Your gift will help us to fill that gap.

Every one of our 2,650 patients has automatic access to our Wellness Center and Registered Dietitians who advise on exercise, diet and lifestyle – crafting a plan for years of healthy living to come. This, in turn,
reduces trips to the Emergency Room and saves our community millions in ER costs annually.