Faith Family Medical Center


The clinic has special happenings from time-to-time that are designed to improve the health of our patients and bring awareness to the need for truly affordable health care in middle Tennessee. Find out about Diabetes Days, Hypertension Days, mobile mammograms, Journey to Wellness events, and much more here.

Diabetes Days

DiabetesDayLogoDiabetes Days are provided 8 times a year for our diabetic patients.

Patients come free of charge to receive a physical exam, a dental screening by a volunteer hygienist from Interfaith Dental Clinic, a foot exam by a volunteer podiatrist, an overall wellness assessment, medication management and disbursement, and nutritional counseling by a volunteer dietitian, and eye exams by a volunteer ophthalmologist.

Hypertension Days

Hypertension Days are for our patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Patients rotate through several stations including a provider visit, a medical reconciliation meeting, an oral exam, blood work, nutrition counseling, and a wellness assessment.