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Our Journey to Wellness program is filled nutrition education, exercise plans, recipes, and more. We want our patients and community to have access to these resources through our Wellness Video Library. More videos will be added periodically here and on our YouTube channel. Please share with your friends and enjoy!

Quick, easy, and effective! This seated chair exercise routine takes less than 10 minutes, is low impact, and a great way to get your blood pumping at your office desk or from the convenience of your couch.
Does grocery shopping intimidate you because you don’t know where to start? Hannah Primm, Lipscomb Dietetic Intern, walks you through how to prepare yourself for the trip so you can take on the trip to the store like a pro.
Wellness Director, Beth Allen, walks you through how to read a food label to purchase the best choices for your health needs the next time you’re at the grocery store.
MyPlate is the current USDA guidelines to help you create a healthy, balanced meal. Julia, Lipscomb University Dietetic Intern, walks you through step-by-step with food models and an Chipotle order example.
Beth shows her 6 kitchen must-haves for making your time in the kitchen easier. Products include a rub-away bar, a cut-proof glove, a great knife, kitchen shears, a small kitchen spatula, and parchment paper. (Links provided are for examples only and aren’t necessarily the same brand Beth is using. Most products can be found at department stores or various online retailers of your choice.)
Caroline Lowry, Lipscomb University Dietetic Intern, discusses a variety of superfoods and their nutritional benefits. Caroline explains the best nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, proteins, and spices and how you can include them in your diet.