Faith Family Medical Center

SyncTalk – Telehealth Counseling

As part of Faith Family’s mission to provide hope and healing to our hardworking neighbors in need with affordable, quality primary medical care, we’re excited to tell you about a new program we’re offering called SyncTALK.

What Is SyncTALK, and why does it apply to me?

  • SyncTALK is a confidential telehealth counseling program that connects individuals to certified, masters-level counselors who can help build skills in coping with stress, anxiety and uncertainties.
  • You can schedule at a time that is convenient for you
  • You can participate from the comfort of your own home or in the Faith Family provided facilities
  • SyncTALK offers in-between session support via the app, Karla
  • The program is offered at a reduced cost to you as a neighbor of Faith Family.

Life can be busy. Maybe you’d like some help or someone to talk to who will listen? Some of the things SyncTALK specialists can help you with:

  • Increasing healthy connections with family and friends
  • Learning healthy coping, communication and lifestyle skills
  • Learning how to establish healthy boundaries, goals and identifying barriers preventing you from personal growth
  • Adopting healthy habits and behaviors 
  • Dealing with loss/grief                    

To learn more, call the clinic at 615-341-0808.

Current FFMC patients can use to register for SyncTalk today.

What participants are saying:

– “I can see why people do therapy. I came into this with a heaviness in my chest but it feels a little bit lighter now.”

– “I am so thankful for this. This is helpful. I am excited to try out everything I’m learning.”

– “Thanks for all the support you gave me during our sessions, it was invaluable to me!”