Faith Family Medical Center


Do You Qualify for Truly
Affordable Healthcare?

Faith Family Medial Center is Nashville’s source for affordable, high-quality healthcare—serving the uninsured and underinsured. Find out if you qualify in just 2 minutes.

How We Are Different

We are dedicated to being a place where hope and healing are available to all–where the well-being of the whole person–body, mind and spirit–is the focus of care.

Our Services

Primary Care

From annual check-ups to sick visits, health screenings to vaccinations, we offer our patients a healthcare home they can count on.

Behavioral Care

Our staff focuses on keeping our patients healthy—mind, body and spirit. A psychiatric nurse practitioner is on staff to address behavioral health care needs.

Lab Tests and Prescriptions

We offer the comprehensive services needed to properly diagnose health issues and effectively manage treatments alongside our patients.


Children of qualified patients, over the age of two, can also be seen by our staff.


Patients visits can range from $20 and $55 per visit.

See If You Qualify and Learn More

The simple quesionnaire below will let you know if you qualify as patient. If you do, you will be directed to several ways to contact Faith Family Medical Center.